What do I need to prepare?

In order to have your own practice website, you’ll need a few important things:

  1. A Domain Name/Internet Address: for example http://www.mypracticename.com; this is how people will find your website on the Internet.
    • If you already have one and would like to use for your website, you can need to enter your existing domain name in the registration form and follow our instruction to delegate that domain name to our server
    • If you haven't got any domain name, please think of 3 domain names that suit for your practice website and select the domain name extension depend on which country you are targeting:
      • .COM.AU is for Australia practices
      • .CO.NZ is for New Zealand practices
      • .CO.UK is for United Kingdom practices
      • .COM is for US practices or all other countries
  2. Some information about your practices: you may need to provide us a general information about your CV, your staff, your practice's address and a description about your practice. Dental Practices Online will provide a pre-writen content of your website but you can replace any page with your own text by login to Member Control Panel.

  3. Images: with Member Control Panel, you will have options to upload your logo, photos of your practice to your website.

  4. Video/Animation: if you require to have a video or a flash animation to be uploaded, you can contact our Technical Team by email to support@dentalpracticesonline.com.